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Our digital courses for Kids are filled with lots of fun adventures which increases a child’s interest on online games. It’s more a delightful course than a stressful learning for a child where the approach is more like an intuitive learning

Junior A and B

The material in the Student's e-book comprises:

  1. A starter booklet covering the alphabet, numbers 1-10 and colours. There are songs and chants. All songs and chants have an animated version. There are digital flashcards to present the letters and words.

The Student's book:

  1. A two-page introduction of the characters
  2. Six cycles of five lessons each
  3. Each lesson consists of a double-page spread:

Vocabulary strip, reading text, reading comprehension on the left-hand page- simple grammar explanation, grammar practice, vocabulary practice and skills practice (listening, speaking)

  1. A review at the end of each cycle with two pages of vocabulary and grammar revision exercises plus a writing activity at the end of every review
  2. A review story recycling vocabulary and grammar learnt in the particular cycle of five lessons
  3. There are at least 2-3 songs per cycle of five lessons

*Everything in the e-book is active, except for the reading comprehension questions and the listening comprehension activities. (These are meant to be done in the classroom using the Teacher's software.)

Digital flashcards

All lessons in the Starter booklet and the Student's book have digital flashcards to present the letters and new vocabulary items.


All the reading texts and songs have an animated version, Watch, that includes the text in karaoke and a Listen and Read version (Text with audio).

The Grammar box in each lesson includes the Grammar Help feature with animated examples of the grammar point presented.


At the end of every lesson there are fun games recycling the language taught in the lessons.

Extra material

  1. End of year game
  2. End of year show
  3. Festival lessons (Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Carnival)
  4. The Get Ready for Junior B sections: a set of 6 optional extra lessons at the end of the Student’s Book. New vocabulary is presented here, and grammar is recycled from the whole course.

  5. The Junior B book follows the same structure and layout. There is no Starter booklet in this level.

    The teacher's software (to be used in class) contains extra features.

  6. The reading comprehension and listening comprehension activities are active.
  7. Extra Flashcard Activities.
  8. Extra interactive activities for consolidation in the reading section.
  9. Extra games in the review lessons recycling language taught in the five lessons of the cycle.
  10. Extra video in the review lesson showing the animated version of all five lessons in full screen without text.
  11. Video drills.
  12. Extra songs.
  13. Extra stories.
  14. Workbook.

There's also a Teacher's book that provides detailed lesson plans and suggestions for extra activities.

We also have free Online Teacher’s Resource Materials with Grammar & Vocabulary Tests, Display pages for Writing Activities, DVD Worksheets, Holiday Activities, Cambridge Young Learner’s Practice Test (Starters) and class audio material.

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